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SaaS Funding: A Different Way to Finance Your Startup – with BJ Lackland [211]

SaaS Funding: A Different Way to Finance Your Startup

BJ Lackland is CEO of Lighter Capital, a Seattle based company that specializes in providing financial capital to early-stage SaaS companies.

Let's say your SaaS company is generating revenue…

Your business is still in the early stages and you want to raise money to help you grow faster.
But you know that raising angel or VC funding is going to take a lot of time and effort.

You're already busy enough working on your business, product, and marketing. You know you need to raise money, but how are you also going to find the time to do fundraising?

Well, there's another way to finance your startup that you might not have considered.

It's called revenue-based financing and it allows you to quickly and easily raise funding without giving up equity or providing personal guarantees.

In this episode, we help you understand what exactly revenue-based financing is and why it's emerging as a leading alternative to equity financing for startups.

We talk about how Lighter Capital works with SaaS companies, what they've done to streamline the fundraising process and how you can raise money without ever doing a pitch.

I hope you enjoy it.

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