Suggest an Interview

Is there someone that you'd like to see interviewed on The SaaS Podcast?

The goal of the podcast is to help our target audience (SaaS founders and entrepreneurs) by sharing inspiring stories, lessons learned from failures and specific tactics they can apply to their own businesses.

We focus on the business of software (customer development, marketing, growth etc.). And 90% of the lessons we share will apply to all types of entrepreneurs in any industry.

Here's the criteria that we use to select guests for the show:

  1. Founders: must be a founder or co-founder of a SaaS company. And they are still actively involved in running the company, usually as the CEO.
  2. Annual Revenue: the business should be doing over $100K ARR (if bootstrapped/self-funded) or at least $1 Million ARR (if it is VC backed).
  3. Transparency: the guest faced some significant failures and challenges and is willing to talk openly about the ‘good, bad and ugly'.

Exceptions to this criteria are usually:

  1. Acquisitions: founders who are not involved any more in the running of the company because they sold the business and had a successful exit.
  2. Major Failure: the business failed and the founder lost over $100,000 (if bootstrapped) or over $1M (if funded) and is willing to talk about it all.
  3. Subject Matter Expert: you may not be running a software company but are a subject matter expert who can teach software entrepreneurs e.g. marketing, research, sales etc.

We need to interview more:

  • Female entrepreneurs
  • Young entrepreneurs (under the age of 18) – even if revenue is very small.
  • Entrepreneurs from outside the USA
  • Entrepreneurs who can teach a skill or lesson to our audience

If you'd like to suggest someone who meets the above criteria, then please complete this form: