SaaS Club Launch

Launch Your SaaS & Get Your First $10K Faster

A 12-week group coaching program by an expert SaaS Coach for new & early-stage founders. Launch your business and grow recurring revenue faster.

Does this sound familiar?

Discover how working with an expert SaaS coach can make all the difference.

You're feeling overwhelmed trying to launch your SaaS business. You know what a successful outcome looks like, but you don't have a clear path for getting there.

Or you've already launched your SaaS product but are struggling to get customers fast enough. You know your product will help customers, but you can't figure how to find more of them and convert them into paying customers. 

You have no shortage of information and advice on what you should do, but you don't have a way to filter it all down into an actionable plan that's right for you.

You're worried that you're going to waste more time and money. You're worried about making 'rookie' mistakes. Or you're just feeling 'stuck'.

You're not alone. Most founders go through similar changes when starting out.

And many of them were able to overcome those challenges.

If they could do it, then you can do it too.

You might just need a little help to get there.

A vision for your SaaS company

Just image if this time next year, you've not only launched your SaaS business, but you're also generating monthly recurring revenue.

Imagine if you've gone from being overwhelmed and second guessing your every move, to have a great growth plan in place that you're executing with confidence.

What would that mean for your business?

What would that mean for you personally?

Introducing SaaS Club Launch

SaaS Club Launch is a 12-week group coaching program for new and early stage SaaS founders. The goal of the program is to help you launch the right product for the right market and get to your first $10K in revenue as quickly as possible.

Online Training + Group Coaching = SaaS Club Launch

Kenton Baker

"Joining Launch was a significant decision, given my concerns about potentially wasting time and money. The outcome exceeded my expectations: I launched my product and secured a $10k customer within months. The coaching sessions were invaluable, offering a space to exchange ideas, face challenges, and receive help. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a SaaS business idea, as it delivers the essential framework and steps needed for successful launch and growth. And Omer is amazing!"

Kim Lozano

"SaaS Club Launch has given us an in-depth education and strong foundation for our company. Omer has shared practical advice on many issues, from big-picture concerns like how to position our product in relation to competitors, to line edit tweaks in sales emails. As a small bootstrapping team, it’s easy for our time to get diluted by all of the possible business tasks we could be working on. Omer has also helped us figure out what we should *not* be doing at this early stage, and has given us a concrete plan to pursue."

Here's what we'll cover

1. Build a Foundation

We'll start by forming a problem hypothesis which defines both the problem and solution you're proposing. We'll uncover and identify all assumptions that you're currently making. And we'll create your target customers' profile to help you get focused.

2. Find Your Customers

Next we’ll look at how to find your target customers. Once you're clear about your target customer, it's much easier to find them. We will explore different ways to find those customers. And then we'll work on an outreach plan to get those customers to talk to you.

3. Talk to Customers

A critical step is to interview your prospective customers. This will help you to validate your hypothesis, better understand their needs and figure out if they will buy your product. You'll learn how to run these interviews, ask good questions and know when people aren't telling you the truth.

4. Build Your MVP

One of the mistakes that new founders make is spending too much building their minimum viable product. We’ll walk through how to design, develop and ship an MVP fast! And we’ll look at different ways you can build your MVP and how to find the right resources.

5. Create a Value Proposition

When you don't have a strong value proposition, prospects ignore you. We'll work on creating a strong value prop that maps directly to your prospect's needs and pains. We'll identify ways you can differentiate your product. And we'll develop your messaging so you can present a compelling story that attracts customers.

6. Set Your Pricing

Setting the pricing for your SaaS product can be challenging. We'll focus on developing a value-based pricing strategy that builds on the value proposition work. We'll select the right pricing model for your SaaS product and formulate pricing that's easy to understand and maps directly to the value your product delivers.

7. Build Your Product

Turning your MVP into a 'real' product is challenging for many new and early stage founders (both technical & non-technical ones). In this lesson you'll learn some key frameworks, principles and best practices to design your product, prioritize features, hire a great developer and build the right product on time and budget.

8. First (or Next) 10 Customers

In this lesson we look at the fastest way to get your first (or next) 10 customers. This is where all the work you've done so far comes together to enable you to close initial sales and start generating some recurring revenue. You'll finally go from an idea to a 'real' business with paying customers.  

9. Setup Your Funnel

Then we’ll develop your sales funnel. We’ll look at the each stage of the buyer’s journey and how to map that to a sales funnel that works for your business. Whether you're selling on your website or doing outbound sales, you'll build a sales funnel that's right for your business. 

10. Fill Your Funnel

With your marketing & sales funnel in place, you're ready to start scaling your growth marketing efforts. You'll identify the best traction channels and strategies to attract and acquire leads. And you'll learn to test and optimize your best traction channels to get a steady flow of traffic, leads and sales through your sales funnel.

George Perry

"We believed our deep industry knowledge and clear strategy meant we didn't need an external mentor or program. But joining Launch proved us wrong and transformed our perspective. It expanded our outreach, growing our customer base from a handful to hundreds. Launch helped us move past our skepticism, providing tools we continue to use. It's like a video game tutorial: it gets you ready to play right away, avoiding common mistakes."

Here's how it will work...

Over the 12-week program:

You should complete a 30 - 45 minute video lesson with an implementation plan & worksheets.

Every week, you can join a live group coaching call to get answers to your questions, brainstorm, problem-solve, etc.

If you can’t attend a live group coaching session, you can send in questions in advance and watch the recording later.

You'll get access to a discussion channel where you can ask questions 24/7 or chat with other Launch members.

The goal of SaaS Club Launch is to give you everything you need to take action and get faster results with your SaaS business.

Cameron Jenkinson

"As many founders do, we believed our industry and use case was 'special' and assumed Launch wouldn’t apply to us. But we were wrong. Launch helped us grow from a few customers to hundreds in just a few months. We really appreciated the emphasis on 'doing' and adopting a mindset of action, review, and learning. Omer taught us that launching a less-than-perfect product and improving it later is better than waiting for the 'right time'—which doesn’t exist! Just want to say thank you! We believe it was worth every penny and would recommend it to any SaaS founder."

Here's what you will get...

Here's what you'll get during the 12-week program:

  • A 12-week group coaching program designed to help you get your first $10K in revenue as quickly as possible.
  • 10 implementation lessons delivered by video every week giving you over 5 hours video training content.
  • Over 30 worksheets and checklists to help you easily turn what you learn into a step by step action plan.
  • Access to live video group coaching with Omer every week so you can get help, ask questions, solve problems etc.
  • Full access to all recordings of the online group coaching sessions which you can replay whenever you want.
  • Access to an online discussion channel so you can get the help you need in between the group coaching calls.
  • Lifetime access to the training material (videos, lesson plans, and worksheets) so you can review whenever you need to.

Charles Dairo

"I joined Launch with doubts after a previous program wasted my time and money. What I found was clarity on growing my SaaS and critical tools that helped me think differently about my business. Launch's best parts are direct access to Omer for personalized feedback and the community of fellow founders. It showed me I'm not alone in this journey. Thanks to Omer, I'm looking forward to reaching our $10k MRR milestone."

Guillaume Faure

"I questioned my ability to commit to weekly live calls and the required time. However, after joining, I discovered a collaborative space where I could share my company's challenges and receive honest feedback from peers. I love the 'Lean SaaS Canvas' methodology used in the program, which has indirectly involved my team. The collaborative calls also connected me with other SaaS founders. I'd like to send tons of kudos to Omer for his empathy and knowledge sharing; it's been a pleasure!"

Richard Lozano

"Omer’s involvement with our company has been a step beyond what I’d expect from a business coach. It’s a rare opportunity for an early SaaS business to get to bring someone like Omer onto their team for 12 weeks, and I really feel like he has been part of our team. He puts a tremendous amount of time into each company he’s working with and his help is thorough and substantive. If you’re an early SaaS founder who’s been fortunate enough to find out about Omer’s Launch program, I’d highly encourage you to seize the opportunity."

Philippe Höij

"I was unsure about the time commitment and ROI. What I found was invaluable. As a technical founder, I've learned to balance the technical and revenue generation sides of my business more evenly. I didn't just learn about tactics; I also received the courage and support needed to put those tactics into action, thanks to peer collaboration. I sincerely recommend this program to founders serious about advancing their early-stage SaaS business with a proven plan that uncovers a path to increased revenue."

Adam Miller

"Omer has helped us to focus on things that needed doing, instead of just doing the things we enjoy. We learned how to identify and speak to our best potential customers and now understand more about the value of our product and how to move it forward. If you lack direction, or need guidance, then join SaaS Club Launch."