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Part 2 – How StatusPage Went from Zero to a Million Dollars in 18 Months – with Scott Klein [087]

Part 2 - How StatusPage Went from Zero to a Million Dollars in 18 Months - Scott Klein

Scott Klein is the co-founder of StatusPage, a Y-Combinator backed startup that lets you create a hosted status page for your app or website. You can use the status page to display downtime notifications, performance metrics or any other information that your customers might need to know. StatusPage launched in 2013 and has raised about $250,000 to date. Its customers include companies such as KISSmetrics, Vimeo and Kickstarter.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The pressure that the co-founders felt going through Y-Combinator, the pressure that co-founders felt and the unnecessary stress that Scott put on himself. And how he wishes it had been a more fun time.
  • A powerful lesson in challenging your assumptions. How a super simple idea an advisor gave them turned out to be an incredibly powerful way to build viral growth. The team had assumed that this wasn't going to work.
  • Why you should stop paying attention to what others are achieving and focus more of your time and energy on solving the right problems for your customers.
  • How it's so easy as an entrepreneur to feel stressed all the time, and why it's important to find balance in your life so you enjoy the journey, not just getting to the destination.
  • How Scott manages his own workload and priorities. And we talk about how he structures his day and week.
  • What's the difference between good quality content and great content and a great example of site outside of the tech industry that does an amazing job at that.

Success Quote

  • “Wisdom is just being able to listen to your own advice” — Sam Harrison

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