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How Wave Is Making Over a Million Small Business Owners Happier – with Kirk Simpson [013]

How Wave Is Making Over a Million Small Business Owners Happier - with Kirk Simpson

Kirk Simpson is the co-founder and CEO of Wave, an integrated online solution designed for small businesses to manage their financial life. Wave has signed up well over 1,000,0000 users and currently serves customers in more than 200 countries around the world. And to date, Wave has raised over $25 million in VC funding.

Key Talking Points

  • How Kirk and his co-founder James came up with the idea for Wave accounting.
  • Why Wave decided to focus on a segment of the business market that's traditionally been very difficult to reach.
  • How Wave positioned their new product in the market against the well known and established competition.
  • Why throwing away their alpha product and building the product again was critical in acquiring a million users.
  • What Wave did to get their first 1000 customers and how a lucky break helped them acquire over 200,000 users.
  • Why Kirk regrets Wave having grown too fast and the lessons that he learned from that experience.
  • How a ‘free' business model is helping Wave generate revenue through advertising and transactions.

Success Quote

  • “I focus on having as many conversations as I can with interesting people and taking as much as I can from those experiences” – Kirk Simpson

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