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The Dangers of Building a SaaS on Someone Else’s Platform – with Jordan Gal [302]

The Dangers of Building a SaaS on Someone Else's Platform

Jordan Gal is the co-founder of Rally, a headless checkout that gives e-commerce merchants more control over their checkout experience.

In 2014, after running his own e-commerce business for years, Jordan launched a simple abandoned cart app which eventually became a customizable checkout for Shopify merchants.

By 2020, Jordan and his co-founder had found product/market fit, built a product that people loved, and were generating about $6M in annual recurring revenue and were profitable.

And then everything fell apart. They experienced what every founder fears when building a business on someone else's platform. Shopify suddenly decided that it wasn't going to allow them to offer their checkout to any more Shopify merchants.

In this interview, you'll learn how they overcame numerous challenges to grow to over $6M in ARR, how they handled the realization that their dream was crushed, and what they're doing differently now with their new SaaS company.

I hope you enjoy it.

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