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ProsperStack: The Challenges of Building a Self-Serve SaaS – with Tony Sternberg [309]

ProsperStack: The Challenges of Building a Self-Serve SaaS

Tony Sternberg is the co-founder and CEO of ProsperStack, a SaaS product that helps companies reduce churn by using a better cancellation flow.

After spending 10 years working for a B2B SaaS company, Tony and his two co-founders decided to start their own SaaS business.

They launched with a basic MVP but quickly realized that it was too basic and didn't work as they expected. So they went back to the drawing board to try and build a better product.

When they finally released their new and improved product, they hit another roadblock. They weren't able to get enough people to signup for the product and the ones that did were often the wrong customers.

So despite charging $29 per month, they decided that a self-serve SaaS wasn't going to work for them and switched to providing demos and then manually onboarding new customers.

The company is still in its early stages and has from zero to 6-figures in ARR over the last 18 months.

In this episode, we talk about the lessons the founders learned about building the right product, self-serve vs. high-touch customer onboarding, and how they've increased their pricing almost 7X since launch.

I hope you enjoy it.

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