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How Replicated is Making It Easier to Sell SaaS to Enterprise Businesses – with Grant Miller [141]

How Replicated is Making It Easier to Sell SaaS to Enterprise Businesses

Grant Miller is the co-founder of Replicated, a service that solves the problem for companies who want to install and deploy a SaaS application behind their own firewall in a corporate data center or private cloud.

Previously, he was the co-founder of Look IO, a mobile live-chat problem that was acquired by LivePerson just 9 months after launch for several million dollars.

He and his co-founder, Marc Campbell, have already raised $6.5 million dollars for Replicated. And they're been making solid progress in growing this new business.

In this episode, we talk about what Grant has been up to since I last interviewed him a couple of years ago. We discuss lessons he's learned from this first startup and what he's doing differently this time.

And we talk about a new project that he's been working on called which has become a great resource for any SaaS business that wants to sell their product to enterprise customers.

When you deal with enterprise and corporate customers, you have a bunch of technical challenges to deal with. And your product needs to have enterprise grade features such Single Sign On (SSO), Role Based Access Control, Product Security and more.

So we talk about how (a free resource) has been developed to make it easier for any SaaS business to create an enterprise-ready product. And we look at some case studies on how some more established SaaS businesses have designed and built these features into their products.

And even if you have no intention to sell to enterprise customers, you will learn a lot in this episode about how to build a better and more robust SaaS

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