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Signs You’ve Got the Wrong SaaS Co-Founder (and What to Do About it) – with Claudiu Murariu [137]

saas co-founder - Claudiu Murariu

Signs You've Got the Wrong SaaS Co-Founder (and What to Do About it)

Claudiu Murariu is the founder and CEO of InnerTrends, a growth analytics platform for SaaS and web products. InnerTrends uses data science technologies to help you understand every aspect of your user onboarding process and convert more first-time users into customers. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Romania.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Claudiu came up with the idea for InnerTrends and is using data science to help convert more first-time users into customers.
  • How the InnerTrends team is helping businesses get actionable answers from their analytics instead of just data.
  • The key lessons learned from launching and growing his first startup, Padicode. And how they landed many big brands as clients.
  • How conflict between the Padicode co-founders didn't get addressed until it was too late. And the key lessons Claudiu learned from that.
  • How he's avoiding making the same mistakes with InnerTrends and thinking very differently about co-founders.

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