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Fomo: From a Small Shopify App to a 7-Figure SaaS Business – with Ryan Kulp [324]

Fomo: From a Small Shopify App to a 7-Figure SaaS Business

Ryan Kulp is the founder of Fomo, a social proof marketing solution that enables online businesses to show purchasing activity on their website automatically.

In 2016, Ryan acquired a Shopify app called Notify (which later became Fomo) and grew it into a 7-figure SaaS business that he recently sold.

The Shopify app already had a few hundred customers, so it was less about a zero-to-one problem and more about how to make the investment worthwhile and grow to thousands of customers so he could quit his job and work on it full time.

In this episode, we unpack that story and share Ryan's journey:

  • We share how he went from a few hundred Shopify customers to thousands of customers, with Fomo now being used on over 30,000 websites.
  • We chat about how Ryan used cold email outreach to get initial growth and something a little unusual he did (that he's not proud of), but it worked.
  • We also dig into how they used integrations with other products as a major growth channel and how they were able to add over 100 integrations quickly.
  • Ryan also shares the lessons he learned from a bunch of other tactics that didn't work, e.g., content marketing, SEO, newsletter ads, and more.

So I hope you enjoy it.

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