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How Rob Walling Grew Drip Revenue by Over 300% in 6 Months – with Rob Walling [045]

Rob Walling

How Rob Walling Grew Drip Revenue by Over 300% in 6 Months

Rob Walling is the founder of email marketing tool Drip and the owner of SEO keyword tool HitTail. He's also the author of the book “Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup”. And his blog “Software by Rob” is a top 20 startup blog and is read by about 20,000 web entrepreneurs each month.

When Rob launched Drip, he was doing $7K in monthly recurring revenue. But he quickly realized that his revenue had already flat-lined and that he had a high customer churn problem. In this episode, we talk about the ‘semi-pivot' that Rob made and how that exploded revenue growth for Drip.

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  • “Don't play games that you don't understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them.” — Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

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