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How Paras Chopra Bootstrapped an $8 Million SaaS Business – with Paras Chopra [016]

How Paras Chopra Bootstrapped an $8 Million SaaS Business - with Paras Chopra

Paras is the founder & CEO of Wingify, which makes Visual Website Optimizer, a market leading A/B split testing tool. Paras launched and bootstrapped Visual Website Optimizer as a one-man  software company in 2010 and within 2 years had over 1000 paying customers.  Currently, Visual Website Optimizer currently has an annual run rate of around $8 million.

Key Talking Points

  • How Paras failed with several startups before he launched Visual Website Optimizer and achieved product/market fit.
  • How Paras spent 7 months building the first iteration of Visual Website Optimizer and then realized it was a flop.
  • Why Paras stripped out all the features from the next version of Visual Website Optimizer and focused on just ONE feature.
  • How educating the market and not promoting the product were key to attracting new users and customers.
  • How Paras quit his job before his business was generating any revenue and why he just wanted to generate $1,000 per month.
  • How Paras positioned his paid product against the 800 pound gorilla in the market whose product was (and still is) free.

Success Quote

  • “I love companies that have scaled tremendously and leaders who've created world-class products. When I wake up, I ask myself how I can also have such impact on the world.” – Paras Chopra

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