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SaaS Sales Outreach: Do Things That Don’t Scale to Stand Out – with Zandra Moore [292]

SaaS Sales Outreach: Do Things That Don't Scale to Stand Out

Zandra Moore is the co-founder and CEO of Panintelligence, a white-labeled business intelligence and predictive analytics solution for SaaS companies.

Zandra and her two co-founders acquired the product they were building at their old company and spun it into a new startup. They packed up and carried a server across a car park to their new office.

To get started, they got a list of 500 companies from Dunn and Bradstreet and sent each one a handwritten letter in the mail. It wasn't scalable, but it helped them land customers.

Since then, their startup has grown into a multiple 7-figure SaaS business with over 50 employees.

They're disrupting the SaaS analytics sector and competing against giants like Power BI and Tableau. And they're doing all this from a city in the north of England.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How they leverage LinkedIn and content marketing to reach their ideal customers
  • How they've used high-touch and personalized cold outreach to get high response rates
  • How they're able to follow up with leads at least 12 times without being annoying
  • What they've learned so far about how to focus on very broad market opportunity
  • How they're differentiating and competing with some huge competitors

I hope you enjoy it.

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