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Part 1 – How to Use Twitter to Get SaaS Customers & Consulting Clients – with Maria Dykstra [082]

Part 1 - How to Use Twitter to Get SaaS Customers & Consulting Clients - Maria Dykstra

Maria Dykstra is an entrepreneur, startup mentor & digital marketing strategist. After a 14 year career at Microsoft, she founded her own company, and in 3 years grew it from a 2-person consulting firm to a digital agency with offices in 3 countries. She also runs the Seattle chapter of the Founder Institute, the world's largest startup accelerator program. And she's also on the board of Women in Wireless, a non-profit that empowers and develops female leaders in mobile and digital media.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to use Twitter strategically in a way that gets you results
  • How to find customers for your SaaS product and/or consulting¬†clients
  • The Twitter best practices you must know and the rookie mistakes you should avoid
  • The essential tools you need to be successful with Twitter
  • How you can do all this in about 15 minutes a day

Success Quote

  • “Do something everyday that scares you to death.”
  • “I always did something I was a little not ready to do.” —¬†Marissa Mayer

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