Listener Stories

Listener Stories: Early-Stage SaaS Founders Around the World [300]

Listener Stories

In this episode, I share listener stories and introduce you to 8 early-stage SaaS founders from across the world.

For this episode, I decided to do something different. Instead of bringing on and interviewing another guest, I decided to make this episode about you, the people who listened to the show.

I asked people in the SaaS Club community to share their stories i.e. what type of SaaS business are they building, why do they listen to this podcast, and how has it been helpful for them?

So today, I'm going to share eight listener stories with you. These are founders in the early stages of building their SaaS business. And I hope that some of them will become future guests that I interview on the show. They are from all over the world, building very different types of SaaS businesses, but they're all connected together through the show.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to them.

1. Alexander Watson

Alexander is the co-founder and CEO of OpenForests, the makers of, a map-based platform to demonstrate the impact of your forest project.

2. Nick and Hannah Ippolito

Nick and Hanna are a husband and wife team and co-founders of SquareKicker, an intuitive no-code design extension that allows you to take your Squarespace sites to the next level.

3. Gerard Braud

Gerard (Jared) is the founder of SituationHub, a software product that helps companies to quickly and effectively manage their crisis communications.

4. Maria Bovi

Maria is the co-founder of TeachFloor, an online cohort-based courses platform that allows any instructors to set up their own online live academy in just one click.

5. Simon Berry

Simon is the founder of Fresh Projects, a platform tailor-made for architects and engineering firms to easily plan, control, and manage projects to profitability.

6. Cal Tiger

Cal is the founder of Shake and Send, an app that helps job seekers, sales reps, field techs, and anyone who wants to send a PDF, link, or URL by just shaking their phone.

7. Vignesh Ganesan

Vignesh is the co-founder of Press9, an all-in-one operations platform with intelligent checklists, smart scheduling, automated workflows, and in-depth analytics.

8. Anicet Delporte

Anicet is the founder of  Think-Tanks, an app for helping public policy leaders to develop their thought leadership.