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A Practical Guide to Interviewing SaaS Customers – with Michele Hansen [308]

A Practical Guide to Interviewing SaaS Customers

Michele Hansen is the co-founder of Geocodio, a SaaS product that provides straightforward and easy-to-use geocoding and data matching for addresses. She's also the author of “Deploy Empathy: A Practical Guide to Interviewing Customers”.

Whether you're trying to find product/market fit or are figuring out how to scale your SaaS product, you know that doing customer interviews is super-important and can provide tons of valuable insights.

But there's a big difference between knowing you should do customer interviews and knowing how to do customer interviews well.

“Deploy Empathy” is a book that helps you learn the skills of talking to your customers and learning to truly listen to them so you can pull out their hidden needs, desires, and processes.

In this interview, Michele and I have a great conversation and share tons of practical advice and tips that can help you to interview customers and potential customers with more confidence.

I hope you enjoy it.

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