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How to Use Email to Generate More SaaS Leads – with Delamon Rego [191]

How to Use Email to Generate More SaaS Leads

Delamon Rego is, the COO of TOMIS Tech, the first AI-powered marketing intelligence platform for tour operators. He's also the founder of SaaS Ops Factory and the creator of The Win Rates Bible, an online resource that helps SaaS companies to improve their sales win rates.

When Delamon was working as director of sales for a previous company, he was having a hard time figuring out how to close more sales.

So he decided to take a step back, identify all the reasons why they weren't closing more sales and then come up with a comprehensive list of things they could do to improve sales win rate. And then he started testing all those ideas.

And it worked — in the space of a year, his close rate increased from 20% to 45%.

He took everything he learned about improving rates and created The Win Rates Bible.

In this episode, I asked Delamon to show us how to use email to generate more SaaS leads. We talk about how to build an email list, how to clean that list, how to validate contact information, how to qualify leads, and how best to do outreach.

There's a ton of information in here, so be ready to take some notes!

I hope you enjoy it.

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