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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your SaaS Business – with Dave Schneider [079]

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your SaaS Business -Dave Schneider

Dave is the co-founder of Ninja Outreach, a SaaS prospecting & outreach tool which was created to streamline the process of connecting with influencers. Before founding Ninja Outreach, Dave ran a travel blog that did six figures a year.

Today we're going to take everything that Dave's learned about influencer marketing and teach you how to apply it to your own business. You'll learn how you can find & work with influencers in your market and use those relationships to grow your brand and generate more leads and customers.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is influencer marketing
  • How to find influencers
  • Ways to partner with influencers
  • How to pitch influencers
  • Influencer marketing success stories

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