[Infographic] The Guide to Data-Driven Landing Page Design

This is a guest post by Nick Steeves, Chief Product Officer at Wishpond

When a landing page converts well, there’s no luck involved. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about science.

Every hypothesis can, and should, be tested to determine its performance. Opinions no longer matter. Only the data does.

So I decided to do some scientific research to find the best stats-backed techniques that high-converting landing pages utilized.

(And by scientific I mean ‘read every conversion optimization article I could get my hands on’.)

After scouring the web, I synthesized my findings into this infographic from Wishpond.

In it I’ll show you 14 data-backed techniques for designing higher-converting landing pages.

Check it out:


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Thanks for reading 🙂

Have you already tested any of these techniques? How well did they convert?

Let me know in the comments section below.


Nick Steeves is Chief Product Officer at Wishpond, the easiest way to generate, manage and nurture your leads. Follow him at @nicksteeves.

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