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Hi, this Omer.

I help entrepreneurs and companies to build, launch and grow great SaaS products and businesses.

Anyone can build software these days. You have a great idea, you hire developers and before you know it, you have a product.

But it's a lot harder to create a product that effectively solves your customers' problems. You need to have a deep understanding of your customer i.e. how they view the world, what outcomes they desire, what problems they have, what their emotional 'hot buttons' are and more.

You need to deliver a superior user experience to your competitors. Your product design should be simple, elegant and intuitive. No matter what industry you're in, the product should 'just work' for your customers.

Here are some of the common challenges that I help my clients solve:

  • "We need to get better traction with our SaaS product"
  • "We need to better understand our customers and their 'bleeding neck' problems"
  • "We need to conceptualize and design features that help our customers win"
  • "We need to create a superior user experience for our product that 'just works'"
  • "We have a major product/marketing challenge and need feedback and guidance"
  • "We need help hiring product managers and/or training our product managers"
  • "We need to improve our growth marketing efforts and acquire customers more efficiently"
  • "We need to convert more of our traffic into customers"

I've spent two decades helping some of the biggest companies on the planet such as The Walt Disney Company and Microsoft to ship great software. And now I help a small number of select clients with their product and business each year.

And you can have the best software product in your industry. But it doesn't matter, if your customers don't know about it. You need an effective growth marketing plan that helps you reach, acquire and convert new customers.

When you get it right, you don't need to sell your product to you customers. You just have to show them how you solve their problems.

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