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Hi, I'm Omer, the founder of SaaS Club and host of The SaaS Podcast. What does it take to build, launch and grow a successful SaaS business? That's a question that I often used to ask myself. I watched many entrepreneurs seemingly do everything 'right'. For example, they'd follow the lean startup methodology. But their startup would fail. And yet other entrepreneurs do many things 'wrong'. They never 'got out of the building'. They didn't do 'customer interviews'. And yet they succeeded and many even built multi-million dollar businesses. Was it just luck for some and bad luck for others? I had some big questions that I wanted to get answered:

  • How do you find the right idea for your new startup?
  • How do you turn an idea into a successful business?
  • How do you profitably acquire new customers?
  • How do you sell if you're just not a natural salesperson?
  • What did successful entrepreneurs do? And how?

And that's how SaaS Club was born. My goal is simple - help entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow successful SaaS businesses.

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