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Gmail Tabs – How to Deliver Emails to Your Primary Inbox

If you're using Gmail Tabs, then emails from SaaS Club will typically show up in your Promotions tab. If you don't check the Promotions tab often, then you'll most likely miss SaaS Club updates.

How to Deliver SaaS Club Emails to Your Primary Inbox in 2 Steps

You can change your Gmail Tabs settings so emails from SaaS Club arrive in your Primary inbox. It's very easy to do this and will ensure that you don't miss anything important from us.

Step 1: Drag Email to the Primary Tab

Click on the email from us and while holding down your mouse button, drag it to the Primary tab.

Step 2: Click ‘Yes' When Prompted 

Click “Yes” when you're asked if you'd always like emails from SaaS Club to go to your Primary inbox.

And you're done! All future emails from SaaS Club will show up in your Primary tab.

Omer Khan

Hi, I'm Omer, the founder of SaaS Club and host of The SaaS Podcast. I help early-stage founders and entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow successful SaaS businesses. Join me on this journey.

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